Text Box: When World War I began in August 1914, a number of young Americans volunteered for service with either the Foreign Legion or one of the ambulance services. A number of them entered French Aviation. An even smaller number formed Nieuport 124, a squadron of American pilots commanded by French officers, the famous Lafayette Escadrille.  This is the beginning of their story...
Text Box: The first of a series of novels by Terry Johnson, a veteran combat helicopter pilot who flew in Vietnam and the first Iraq war.

Back Cover of Valiant Volunteers

Actual picture of French child during war. This could easily have been the model for Chérie de la Croix de Valois, though I found this picture long after I’d created the character. (from rare collection of color WWI photos)

French Poilus charge at the doubletime. This evokes the charge at Artois where Kiffin Rockwell was wounded. Note the horizon blue coats. This had to be early in the war before the French soldier began wearing helmets.

Helping others to help themselves.

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