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Terry L. Johnson, originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a retired Army Officer and a 1970 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He served twenty-five years as an artilleryman and aviator, with combat tours as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam and Desert Storm. His assignments include two tours in France, first flying at their Advanced Combat Helicopter Training Center, and then teaching at the French War College. During Desert Storm his brigade included a French Combat Helicopter Regiment. He also led the armed escort that flew General Schwarzkopf to the peace talks at Safwan, Iraq. He is a co-author of Certain Victory, The US Army in the Gulf War. He is currently working on The Valiant and the Vanquished, completion of the story of the Lafayette Escadrille and of the birth of the United States Air Service—predecessor to both the US Air Force and US Army Aviation. He has a Bachelor of Science from the Military Academy and a Master of Arts in Sociology from Pacific Lutheran University. He resides with his wife in Poquoson in the Tidewater region of Virginia.

Terry Johnson was one of three co-authors of this official account of the first Gulf War. Brigadier General Robert Scales, and Major Tom Odom were the other principal authors.

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