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This is the site for two of author Terry L. Johnson’s novels set primarily in France during the First World War. Also know as the Grand War, this enormous conflict raged across Europe and large parts of the Middle East from 1914 until near the end of 1918.
At the center of these historical novels you will find the men who formed the famous Lafayette Escadrille, a squadron made up of American volunteer pilots in French service. It existed a mere twenty-two months before being integrated in the American Air Service. Thirty-eight Americans served with this unit, eight of them giving their lives before the war ended.
This is their story.
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Text Box: When men who have no obligation to fight, who could not possibly be criticized if they did not fight—yet nevertheless decide upon their own individual initiative to risk their lives in defense of a cause they hold dear—then we are in the presence of true heroes. The young Americans who entered the Légion Etrangère and the Escadrille Américaine are in every sense heroes, and France owes them all the homage that word implies.
French General Henri Gourard
One-armed, one-legged hero of the Dardenelles